Turtle Turners learn Double Dutch


The Rosebery Turtle Turners are the Territory’s newest skipping team. The Rosebery Primary School students are ambitious to master rope techniques and become a competitive tour de force.

Teacher Rachel Organ said the talented team is keen to conquer an “astonishing variety of movements”.

“The large group of skippers are practising Double Dutch entry and exit, Double Dutch speed, criss-cross, double under, double under criss-cross, and the toad,” she said.

“These resilient athletes are also working to polish power and gymnastic routines, rope releases, arm wraps, and skills they’ve sequenced.

“There is so much to learn, and the team is constantly failing and making corrections, and improving at the weekly Palmerston College practise sessions.”

Ms Organ said skipping is a challenging, fast paced and exciting sport, with many physical and mental health benefits.

“The kids are passionate about the sport, and committed in striving for perfection,” she said.

“I love watching the confidence and collaboration of the players grow and grow.

“Skipping NT gave us the essentials to get started, including snazzy ropes, snazzier official team uniforms, and workshop opportunities with star athletes.”

Turtle Turners learn Double Dutch

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