Transition to Ntaria


Leaving Alice Springs can create or deepen friendships in other cultures, and reveal different life stories, physical and social environments.

A journey to remote Ntaria (Hermannsberg) by Gillen Primary School teachers and transition year students was a history lesson, a sporting event, and for some, a surprising culinary experience.

The guests — happily welcomed by the community — spent time with the local transition to Year 2 students and visited the heritage precinct of the former Lutheran mission.

Principal Donna O’Brien said touring sites like the Aranda school house, church and correspondence school, showed them how past students lived and learned.

“Interschool relationships, especially between town and isolated schools, is tremendously rewarding for staff and students,” she said.

“Gillen Primary school transition teachers have made great connections with junior primary staff at Ntaria School.

“And some of our students share familial connections— aunties, uncles and cousins — with those at Ntaria.”

Transition teacher Torii Cooney said connections between children can always be strengthened by a fun activity and a shared meal.

“All of the students enjoyed running around a BMX track during the Indigenous Marathon Colour Fun run, and being showered with coloured powder,” she said.

“Then came the snack some of our students will never forget ... kangaroo tail was served. It was a first-time experience for many of our students, but they loved it.

“Sampling traditional food was part of a very memorable and mind broadening cultural immersion.”

Gillen Primary School transition students welcomed Ntaria School students in a reciprocal visit that included a dancing lesson, cooking delicious pizzas, and a communal meal.

Kids running
Kids walking down the road
Teacher and students in a hall
Teacher with students
fun run and powder
Fun run followed by powder shower.

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