Taryn Roser is Territory teacher aide finalist


Taryn Roser is the Territory finalist in this year’s Australian Teacher Aide of the Year Award.

The contest qualifier is a Driver Primary School staffer described by Danielle Hall — nominator and the school’s principal — as an “incredibly humble person, deserving special recognition”.

The choice was influenced by Ms Roser’s positive effect on student learning and well-being, her capacity to collaborate with staff and the community, and her commitment to extra training.

The one-time volunteer at the school said the selection was “quite a surprise”.

“I began working for Driver Primary School more than three years ago as a relief support worker,” she said.

“To advance my career I decided to back my work experience by completing certificates III and IV in Education Support, and by undertaking other training programs.

“I love my job, particularly watching students grow and succeed, develop greater self-confidence and the drive to learn.

“I work one on one with students, or in small groups, helping teachers to meet students’ needs.

“Although I have formal relationships with students, I enjoy their informal sharing of news with me in playground chit-chat.”

Ms Roser believes her abilities as a communicator strengthens the school community and its interactions with families.

“I make robust links with my colleagues, the students, and the students’ families,” she said.

“I strongly encourage students and their families to be involved with the school, and the wider community, whenever they are able.

“I love the school, and I have no plans to work elsewhere.”

The award winner will be announced on 3 September 2020 as part of Australian Teacher Appreciation Week.

Taryn Roser

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