Students’ sight and sound blast


Twenty20 Blast cricket at Nightcliff Primary School is a sight and sound sensation. The bat becomes a multicoloured marvel and emits a light sabre sound when it smacks the ball.

And wickets, stumps and Zinger bails illuminate when assaulted by the rubber glitter cricket ball.

Physical education teacher Mathew Ryan said: “When the wickets are hit, the Zinger bails on top of the plastic stumps fall off and light up, and the stumps become rainbow coloured and announce the batter has been ‘knocked over, knocked over’. The talking stumps signal the player has been bowled or run out.

“The ‘wow factor’ equipment has an audio capacity and high visibility that reduces contention about umpiring decisions.

“For instance, the bat lights and sound indicate it contacted the ball — useful in caught behind decisions

“Having various pieces of equipment that light up helps students with the rules of the game, captures their attention, and makes them eager to participate.

“Every student got to bat for two overs, bowl for an over, and be the wicket-keeper for an over.”

The school has played 23 matches in a week, challenging Transition to Year 2 students in a modified version of the game.

Twenty20 Blast cricket draws players from Transition to Year 6.

Picture: Mathew Ryan (second right) with Sports House and Vice House captains in years 5 and 6.

Twenty20 Blast cricket at Nightcliff Primary School

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