Simple stir fry becomes cooking clip


Making a beef and vegetable stir fry has become a VAMPtv video . The cooking segment demonstrates the simplicity of preparing nutritious meals on a limited budget.

Shane Walker and Eddie Fejo — two Aboriginal students from the Top End School of Flexible Learning — feature in COOK ‘EM UP.

Head of the dual campus school, Simon Pedder said: “VAMPtv wanted to demonstrate how inexpensive healthy food can be used creatively, and the two 17-year-old students responded.

“Cooking nutritious meals is a strong program at the school because it prepares students to build essential life skills.

“Shane and Eddie demonstrated that cooking can be fun and imaginative, and showed how fresh food is more wholesome than fast food.

“Shane was the head cook, but Eddie provided comic relief and displayed his versatile chopping skills.

“The film crew got to taste the meal, and were so impressed they’d like to do a follow-up story.

“VAMPtv shows how the school provides alternative education pathways and options to young people.”

The school — which emphases work readiness and VET programs — offers automotive, bakery and construction courses, and the First Steps program.

Simple stir fry becomes cooking clip
Shane and Eddie (foreground) show their stir fry.

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