Paths to safety


Five students of the Top End School of Flexible Learning have developed emergency evacuation maps for the school.

The students undertook the project as part of a hospitality certificate that addresses work health and safety practices and emergency measures.

The years 10 to 12 students identified the need for instructive maps directing people to one of the school’s three safety exits.

Lorraine Kerrigan, trainer at the Palmerston Youth Skills Centre said: “The school has emergency signs, but they needed to be supplemented with wall maps directing people to places where they could leave hurriedly.

“Based on plans of the school the students marked safety pathways, and installed the maps in classrooms, bathrooms, corridors and the kitchen.

“They worked as a group to apply the corrective action needed to make the building compliant with standard workplace practices.”

Picture: Students confer over a possible evacuation map.

Path to safety

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