NTCET groundbreakers feted at Ramingining


Three former Ramingining School students have made history.

Celine Durrurnga, Rhainna Baker and Nellie Garrawurra, are the first in their families to complete the NTCET.

The trio, noted for their strong mutual support, pursued an entirely academic pathway characterised by persistence, punctuality and regular attendance.

Principal Sue McAvoy said: “I’m really proud of their hard work and commitment to getting their NTCET completed.

“They’ve uplifted each other, listened attentively, and worked hard with their teacher Jill Danby.

“Celine, Rhainna and Nellie, have always accepted new challenges and displayed creativity and flexibility in their thinking.”

Ms McAvoy said the graduates’ mantra of success is “work hard, keep trying, and always come to school”.

A Yolngu style ceremony to mark their achievements attracted about 250 people.

Celine Durrurnga will study for the Certificate III in Early Childhood and Care at the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Education.

Nellie Garrawurra has applied to the NT Police, and Rhainna Baker is working as a receptionist at the school.

Picture (left to right): Celine Durrurrnga, Rhianna Baker, Jill Danby and Nellie Garrawurra.

Celine Durrurrnga, Rhianna Baker, Jill Danby and Nellie Garrawurra

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