Not a device in sight!


To the untrained eye it is a giant shed filled with junk. To Larapinta Primary School students it is the Play Pod — a portal to another world.

Senior teacher Jacki Raybould said the Pod is a world where “inquiry and play-based learning are priorities”.

“The Pod provides the students with opportunities to learn through unstructured play,” she said.

“This is open-ended play with no specific learning agenda, and it’s not led by any type of instructor.

“There are no hard and fast rules about how materials are used.

“The students are free to use their imaginations and constantly reinvent their environment as they explore the materials.

“During the unstructured play, students collaborate to create anything from cubbies to rocket ships, or obstacle courses.

“All the items are quality controlled for safety purposes.”

Ms Raybould said Pod play helps students exercise creative thinking, assess potential risks, take action, negotiate with others and solve problems.

“The activities build relationships and empathy, and positively influence the culture of the school,” she said.

“The Pod is run by blue-vested student leaders known as the Pod Squad. These five to 12-year-old volunteers regularly unlock the Pod, supervise and model safe play, and pack up at the end of a busy week of building.”

Mason Mabasa at work.
Mason Mabasa at work.

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