Minyerri Marjory makes a difference!


A woman described as an extraordinary mentor and communicator has been officially honoured for 21 years’ service to the department.

Marjory Arnold is an assistant teacher who started at Minyerri School in 1997. She is lauded for her unstinting devotion to students ranging from preschool to senior year levels.

Principal Jess Robinson said Marjory is “highly influential” in the school and the wider community.

“Marjory is definitely one of the strongest voices in the school, and she is very effective in empowering the community to make decisions about the school,” she said.

“As an effective guide to new teachers, including me in 2011, Marjory ensures novice educators understand the backgrounds and culture of the students.

“She is very dedicated to children, and values the input of others in addressing education-related matters.

“I don’t think we have ever had a day without a joke or a laugh with Marjory. She certainly brings a sense of fun and humour to our school.”

Ms Arnold said Minyerri School gives her the opportunity to “watch children grow and learn so much”.

“I love working in Minyerri because everyone comes together for the same reason: our children,” she said.

“I wanted to support my children, and my other family through their schooling, then my grandchildren started school and I haven’t wanted to leave.

“I could do this for another 10 years!”

Minyerri Marjory makes a difference!
Marjory with her cake. Background: former students Julieanne Charlie, Patricia George and Victor Vincent.

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