Jacob set for the high seas


Jacob Stanislaus dreams of being the master of a 24-metre commercial vessel. The recent Year 12 graduate already has Coxswain Certificate 2 and Marine Engine Driver (MED) Grade 3 qualifications.

The one-time Casuarina Senior College student earned the credentials at the college’s Darwin Maritime Academy.

The academy prepares trainees for careers as deck officers and marine engineers, and in maritime transport, logistics and tourism.

The college’s third year coordinator Brent Carter said: “Jacob juggled a full Stage 1 course load with a Certificate 3 in Maritime Studies to be just five points away from the NTCET this year.

“Jacob has deck handed on the Mandorah ferry, and embarked on the MED Grade 2 course - ambitious to be a chief engineer on vessels with inboard engines rated to 750 kilowatts.

“He aims to complete the Master 24 and MED 1, allowing him to master a 24-metre commercial vessel, become chief mate or deck watch keeper on ships up to 35 metres long in the Exclusive Economic Zone, or on ships up to 80 metres long in inshore waters.”

Using skills endorsed by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Jacob plans on working “wherever the seas take me”.

Brent Carter and Jacob Stanislaus
Picture: Brent Carter and Jacob Stanislaus.

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