Imanpa path to fun and learning


A mini bike path has been added to Imanpa School, 272 kilometres from Alice Springs.

The looping course has been enthusiastically adopted by children of all ages as an alternative to the basketball court, previously a shared recreational space.

Teaching principal Kandi Thorpe said the planned installation of a playground for early years’ children was abandoned when “hard to break rocks became an impediment”.

“Students, staff and the community voted for a bike path as the best alternative to the playground,” she said.

“When the students rode on the basketball court they had to be very vigilant of where and what other people were doing.

“Basketball can interfere with cycling, but it’s also distracting when bikes are ridden around and through a game. Now we don’t have conflicting activities in one area.

“All the students have been using the path every day, and their excitement doesn’t seem to be waning.”

Mrs Thorpe said the path, which snakes past traffic signs, is also used to teach aspects of road safety.

“The children have role-played adult tasks such as dealing with flat tyres, police vehicle checks, adding fuel to a car, being a road worker and a tow truck driver,” she said.

“The project was to be completed in 2019, but the wait has been worth it.

“At a recent community event, the attendees admired the path and said how pleased they were with the outcome.”

Children testing out the new bike path at Impanpa

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