I love you Mrs Hester!


Teacher Glynis Hester has retired after 39 years’ service to the Department of Education.

She devoted 23 years to Bees Creek Primary School, beginning when the school opened in June 1997.

Starting at the preschool, she became an early childhood teacher, and finally the instructor of Transition to Year 6 students in literacy/literature classes.

Assistant principal Sharon Chin hailed Glynis Hester as a teacher entirely dedicated to her students and the school community.

She added: “Glynis had an exemplary teaching practice, she loved children and worked hard to ensure they reached their potential.

“Her value as a mentor to preservice and recently graduated teachers cannot be understated.

“The preservice teachers — still training at university — benefited from guidance which included lesson preparation and delivery, ways to engage students, behaviour management, and best practice in the classroom.

“The support she gave to her colleagues and school programs has always been treated with heartfelt appreciation.”

Mrs Hester said: “I have taught entire families of students, seen new babies arrive, grow into toddlers, and come through my class. Now as adults they stop me to chat and reminisce.

“I believe the families and students of Bees Creek are unique, and this is one of the reasons I have stayed.

“Bees Creek has been an important part of my life for all these years, and (it) will remain a place I hold dear.”

Ms Chin said 155 early childhood students gathered to say goodbye to their beloved teacher.

She added: “They presented Glynis with the Memory Book. Each class had a page where students either wrote a memory about Glynis, or wrote well wishes for her retirement.”

An inscription by Ella, in part read: “We had so many great memories and you started my path to greatness. I absolutely loved being your student.”

Mrs Hester plans to retire in Tasmania.

Picture: Glynis Hester holds a certificate recognising her 39 years’ service.

Teacher Glynis Hester retires after 39 years.

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