How to learn from a cooked goose


Magpie geese have taught Jabiru Area School students about the natural and cultural importance of Kakadu National Park.

One problem — the avian educators were scorched, plucked and eaten!

The Term 3 study involved Year 5/6 Junior Rangers in partnership with Parks Australia and Patsy Raichiwanga Ragia from the water buffalo farm in Kakadu.

The teaching came ahead of the school’s involvement in Kakadu Bird Week, ending 3 October.

The students learnt the geese are a source of food, fans, bedding and ceremonial attire to traditional owners, the Bininj Mungguy.

Exposed to Western and Aboriginal science, they came to appreciate the role of the iconic species in maintaining the health of the park’s vast wetlands.

A scientist, Patsy Raichiwanga Ragia and Djurrubu Rangers offered their perspectives on the black-and-white bird.

A virtual camp fire and teaching session will air on Facebook Live, Thursday 1 October from 1pm to 2pm UTC.

How to learn from a cooked goose
Year 6 Junior Park Ranger Leah Tambling shows Year 1/2 students how to pluck a goose middle years’ students Jennifer Cunningham and Ashanti Rotumah cook geese.

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