How does your garden grow?


Green-thumbed growers at Driver Primary School are busy nurturing fruits and vegetables in their produce rich garden.

The young horticulturists are dirtying their hands on plants ranging from passionfruit, figs, ginger, spring onions, jap pumpkins, chives and cumquats, mangos and Meyer lemons.

Senior teacher Julia Walsh said preschoolers to Year 6 students are at some stage involved in the garden plot to plate learning.

“The students are taught to nurture and harvest plants, use them in cooking, soap and dye manufacture,” she said.

“Depending on what is ready in the garden, we make everything from playdough to pasta, green banana curry to pumpkin gnocchi, even pumpkin ice cream!

“We use the garden to develop important life skills and explore learning linked to the curriculum.”

Miss Walsh said something as simple as a garden can have a powerful impact in children’s lives.

“Our wonderful environment can help students in their social interactions, cross-disciplinary thinking and use of digital media — all are essential in the 21st Century,” she said.

“And the garden and kitchen experiences can enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics teaching.”

Produce from the garden is sold and the money is reinvested in the program.

How does your garden grow?
The young horticulturists are dirtying their hands on plants.

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