Graphic novelist set for stardom


Declan Miller will become an established graphic novelist when his book Mixed Feelings is published next year.

A graphic novel uses a comic strip format of text and pictures to tell a complete story. It includes thought and speech balloons, narration, motion lines, panels and background scenes.

The Year 12 Centralian Senior College student created Mixed Feelings during his four-year involvement in the Graphic Novel project.

Mixed Feelings is a four-chapter series about an Alice Springs-born Aboriginal girl who learns from her family and her culture about their past, and the special gifts or curses given to them by mysterious forces.

Gestalt Publishing and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation will publish the work of Declan Miller, and those of Lauren Boyle, Alyssa Mason and Seraphina Newberry, three other graphic novelists at the college.

Mentor Wendy Cowan said: “These emerging authors tell powerful, speculative fiction stories pertinent to our everyday lives.”

Graphic novelist set for stardom
Mixed Feelings is published next year.

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