Dialogue skills explored


Larrakeyah Primary School students made online videoconferencing connections with their peers across Australia.

The link-ups developed insight, explaining, questioning and reflecting - the four key skills for effective dialogue.

Teacher Tania Tamaotai said: “Students learn to listen thoughtfully to the perspectives of others, respond with the aim of understanding more, reflect on their own perspectives, and evaluate their positions.

“Once they have learned the essentials of dialogue, the students…navigate complex dialogue opportunities in intercultural settings about topics important to them.

“Good dialogue requires a safe space where students can be confident their contributions will be accepted...and respected.

“The students shared their thoughts on what influences their own identity, and learned more about the religions, beliefs, values and lifestyles of others.”

Students’ said: ‘We learnt about our identity and how many things make us unique’, ‘The videoconferences showed just how culturally diverse our year 6 group is’, and ‘We learnt how to hold conversations with different groups of people’.

Students in classroom on a videoconference
Larrakeyah Primary School students make a videoconference connection.

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