Alice Springs School of the Air VIP retires


After three decades of service to the Alice Springs School of the Air veteran administrator Dorothy Crennan will retire on Friday 13 March.

Beginning as a part-time instructor in 1988 she has adapted to meet the needs of isolated students and their families within the consistently changing culture of distance education.

“Working in this unique school means you have to develop positive relationships with very isolated children and young people, their families and home tutors,” she said.

“In the early days I used to pack and send the radios and aerials, and make audio tapes that were recorded onto cassettes and sent to students.

“Back then, students only had a few radio lessons a week, but preschool to Year 9 students now use satellite to interact with teachers and classmates several times a day.

“And my experience is intergenerational. The children of previous students are now enrolled at the school and I feel quite privileged to be a part of it.”

Dorothy can chalk-up an impressive list of celebrity school visitors, including former prime ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Howard, The Wiggles and even Queen Elizabeth.

“That was an experience!” Dorothy said.

“Security came a week or two before and did a sweep through the building. When the Queen arrived, all the admin staff were lined up at the front desk and we all had to curtsy, we were extremely nervous.

“I was in awe of being that close to royalty. Nowhere else in a school environment would you get that close to royalty.”

Ahead of her official retirement next Friday, Dorothy has reflected on her time at the Alice Springs School of the Air.

“I feel quite honoured to have been part of the whole school experience,” Dorothy said.

“We have a very caring community.

“The families all look out for each other and the staff all look out for each other.

“It’s been a wonderful, wonderful experience.”

Principal Kerrie Russell said Dorothy has consistently demonstrated the highest ideals of the school.

“As Dorothy says her final ‘over and out’ the entire school community wishes Dorothy all the best as she settles into retirement life and thanks her for her dedication to our school,” Kerrie said.

Alice Springs School of the Air VIP retires

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