Values influence classifications


Non-fiction literature at Gunbalanya School’s library has been reclassified. The Dewey Decimal system has been superseded by one aligned to the Aboriginal calendar, and reflective of Aboriginal and Western values.

The revamp was undertaken by the school and the NT Education and Languages Library.

Manager of the department’s library and languages collection, Michelle Turner, said the change was more closely affiliated with the school’s curriculum and local Aboriginal teachings.

“The categories, including Sky, Freshwater, People, Gunbalanya & Local Community, Saltwater, Land Features, and Sun/Solar System, are identified by coloured dots,” she said.

“Under the Dewey Decimal, system books would be dispersed throughout the library, but now they are filed together by content. For instance, the Freshwater category — including rivers, billabongs, wetlands, plants and animals — are located on the same shelf.

“By linking library resources more intimately with the curriculum, it is anticipated the library space and books will become a more fundamental tool for school staff and students.”

Michelle Turner was also involved in the Kriol rendition of Alpacas in Maracas, the book featured in this year’s National Simultaneous Storytime .

Values influence classifications

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