Unique perspective scores Anzac win


Durack Primary School has been named a winner in the Anzac Day Schools’ Awards . The national challenge invited all contesting primary and secondary schools to submit a single entry as literature and images, a PowerPoint presentation, or a two-minute video.

The competition’s judges lauded the school for its strong participation in the commemoration, and its particular focus on Indigenous service.

They were impressed by the students “level of empathy”, and the “unique perspective” created by interviewing Indigenous NORFORCE soldiers.

The school’s Defence School Mentor Cassie Knight said the students learnt about the Boer War to modern-day impacts on Indigenous soldiers, including “policy changes, discrimination, wartime experiences and reasons for enlisting”.

“I approached NORFORCE Darwin Squadron because it has many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reservists,” she said.

“The students wanted to know how they use traditional bush skills and military training to protect our borders.

“But they also wanted to know if the soldiers’ perspectives, treatment, and reasons for enlisting, were the same as their ancestors who served in the Australian Defence Force.

“After learning about the challenges Indigenous soldiers faced, students paid tribute to them by researching and creating biographies to be displayed at the school’s Anzac Day assembly.

“Another class created a mural of Australian, Torres Strait and Indigenous soldiers standing side by side with their respective flags in a field of poppies, signifying their unity and the Anzac spirit on the frontline.

“Our video entry Durack Discovers — Our local connection to Anzac Day includes all our learning and commemoration activities.”

Rosebery Primary School was a primary school runner-up.

Unique perspective scores Anzac win

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