Trait turtle treks in preschool playground


Humpty Doo preschoolers have created a wall mural illustrating the migration of Ludawei, the Dreamtime Long Neck Turtle.

The reptile is totemic to the Limilgnan-Wulna people, the traditional custodians of the area.

Ludawei made a rippling Dreaming Track that began at Shady Camp, continued to Mary River, dove underground and emerged at Beatrice Hill — a feature created by the emergence of the turtle — before journeying to Daminmin Jungle, and its resting place, Manton Dam.

Although the four-metre long wall is playground art dominated by the great Dreaming symbol, it is also populated by vibrantly coloured children’s handprints.

The school’s Aboriginal Islander Education Worker Melissa Tipo said: “I was asked to do the artwork in the playground so the local Limilgnan-Wulna culture was embedded in the (students’) play area.

“The preschool students played a part in painting the mural — placing their handprints on the mural in brown and yellow paint. The older students in my mentoring programs added the white hands. I added my hands too.

“The subject is apt because Ludawei is our Learner Trait Mascot, continually reminding the students of the school’s five qualities: Prepared, Collaborative, Creative, Determined and Reflective.”

The panorama, which took three weeks to complete, involved nine volunteer students who co-painted during lunch and recess times.

The fresco decorates one wall of an outside kitchen.

Melissa Tipo with the mural.
Melissa Tipo with the mural.

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