Students hone lifesaving skills during St John Ambulance stop


Dripstone Middle School students improved their emergency response skills during a St John Ambulance training visit on 14 February.

First aid has been a month-long study at the school for the past three years, focusing on common crises such as anaphylaxis, epileptic fits and diabetic reactions.

“The aim of our first aid curriculum, and St John training, is to help students feel confident in an emergency, overcoming any nervousness they might feel without mastery of some first aid techniques,” said school nurse Mary Burnell-Johnson.

“During the St John sessions the students were shown the equipment carried in the ambulance, and practised Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation on dummies.

“Students learnt that assessing a situation, ringing 000, arranging someone in the recovery position or applying CPR may just save a life.

“It’s about empowering them with knowledge that may help them preserve the life of a stranger, friend, or family member.”

St John Ambulance Dripstone

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