Spreading the good word


A positive message from students has become a Darwin Bus advertisement. The uplifting sentiment — Supporting students to feel safe, connected and valued — is the product of Student Voice Positive Choice.

The year-old coalition of Palmerston City schools is a student activist group dedicated to generating a culture of optimism in schools and communities.

Embodying the core values of respect, compassion, courage and positivity, the group aims to inspire changes by promoting a sense of justice, and by endorsing the worth of each person.

Bakewell Primary School principal Cindy McLaren said: “Student Voice Positive Choice helps students make positive choices, have a strong voice in the community, and work together to stand up for what is right, supporting students’ safety, sense of connectedness and value.”

Palmerston College Year 12 student Jack Hogarth said: “It feels awesome. It definitely gets the word around because everyone will see it … spreading positivity and giving people another perspective.

“I feel proud being involved. I feel like it’s for a really good cause.”

Student Voice Positive Choice is keen to develop a campaign using Darwin Bus and Go Transit, a specialist in wraparound vehicle advertisements.

Spreading the good word

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