Rebecca is an excellence award finalist


Rebecca Clarke is a Teaching in the Territory Excellence Award finalist. The Berry Springs Primary School teacher is one of 14 contenders in the Primary Teacher of the Year category.

Rebecca, who has more than 20 years’ experience as a primary school educator, described the nomination as “humbling” and an “affirmation of the quality of my work”.

“As a teacher I nurture a safe and supportive environment that inspires students to have a say in the way they learn,” she said.

“My students engage in rich thoughtful discussions, and experience a heightened passion for the topics being explored.

“I listen to my students, and I work to ensure they are successful in every facet of their education.

“My most gratifying moments are when students experience that sudden spark of understanding.”

Rebecca hopes to develop self-confident, curious, lifelong and independent learners who continually strive to achieve.

“I enjoy teaching in the lovely supportive community at Berry Springs Primary School,” she said.

“My colleagues are some of my closest friends, and we laugh, joke, confide, debrief and collaborate. We look out for each other.

“And the kids come to school full of energy and a zest for life. They always have a good tale. They’ve told me where the best fishing and camping spots are, how to tag cattle and hunt pigs, every aspect of rugby league, and how to make a motorcycle jump ramp.”

Rebecca said her selection as a finalist “is an amazing and grounding experience.”

The Teaching in the Territory Excellence Awards will be presented at the World Teachers’ Day celebrations on Friday 25 October 2019.

Rebecca is an excellence award finalist

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