Parental talks animate Alawa students


The parents of Alawa Preschool students are sharing stories of their lives in a series of classroom talks.

The new program began last term, and is designed to increase the engagement of parents with the school.

The sessions, which have included discussions about jobs and hobbies, are described by teacher Alice Milne as a “rich method of learning that connects the school with homes”.

“A wide variety of speakers have attended the school, including a doctor, firefighters, a musician and music teacher, a police officer, a cook, a CareFlight nurse and crochet hobbyist,” she said.

“The conversations have really excited our students, and they discuss with each other the possibilities of what they can do in the future.

“They are happily volunteering their parents to come and talk to their classmates, and students wonder who the next mystery visitor will be.

“The program develops connectedness — helping the children appreciate links between people and their environments.”

Three weeks into Term 3, the school will complete a book reflecting on students’ experiences of the presentations.

Parental talks animate Alawa students

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