Pampering is a deadly business


Deadly Daluks dropped into Gunbalanya Community Care to delight the elderly residents with a Pamper Morning.

The Deadly Daluks is a program designed to enhance the educational outcomes, self-esteem and wellbeing of years 6 to 12 girls at Gunbalanya School.

The 45 girls comprising the Deadly Daluks chose the name, which is a combination of the Kunwinjku word Daluk or ‘woman’ and Deadly, or hip, very good or cool.

Gunbalanya School teacher and Daluk program coordinator, Amanda Marshall, said the students set-up work stations to paint the nails, and straighten and style the hair of the women in the facility.

“About 30 girls attended the Pamper Morning and the women loved the event,” she said. “It was incredible to see the girls spend quality time with elderly people, providing them with a nurturing experience.

“A Pamper Morning is a way of giving back to the community, and a way for these girls to uplift the people around them.

‘In the session debrief we talked about volunteering, what it means, and how making someone else feel special also makes us feel special.”

The Deadly Daluks have another Pamper Morning scheduled with Community Care Gunbalanya in Term 2.


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