Ludmilla Primary School students going above and beyond


More than 30 students from Ludmilla Primary School have graduated from the 2019 Children’s University program at a ceremony celebrating their incredible achievements and learning.

The Children’s University, through Charles Darwin University, works with local primary schools, families and community groups to create students who are actively involved in their own learning beyond the classroom.

Principal of Ludmilla Primary School Carol Putica said the students were incredibly excited about their graduation.

“Our students are very proud to have their efforts beyond school acknowledged – they have been working hard, accumulating hours of learning and receiving stamps in their Passport of Learning,” Carol said.

“They’ve realised that learning is all around them and happens in classroom, outside the classroom, on the sporting field, at home with family and often just by doing some of their favourite things.

“Our students have also learnt that by being a learner, they can also be a teacher and help others to learn.

“Seeing the children aspire to future learning and being so proud of their current achievements was a very rewarding experience for me as a principal.”

Participation in sport, learning a language or instrument and visiting the local library all contribute to the qualification, as well as being an active member of the school leadership council or engaging in additional lunchtime, recess and before school programs.​

Ludmilla Primary School students going above and beyond
Ludmilla Primary School students celebrate their graduation from the 2019 Children's University program at Charles Darwin University.

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