Larrakeyah Primary School strengthens its ties with Asia


Excelsior International School (pictured) in the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru is a sister-school of Larrakeyah Primary School.

Larrakeyah Primary School assistant principal Rick Collister said: “The relationship that began in 2017 has strengthened since. During this time, five Larrakeyah Primary School teachers have visited Excelsior, including our principal Mrs Fathma Mauger and assistant principal Natasha Guse.

Two weeks ago three Larrakeyah Primary School teachers visited Excelsior International School.

“The objective of the visit by myself, STEAM coordinator Bradley King, and early childhood teacher Holly Parker, was to explore ways to further develop the relationship, investigate the possibilities of teacher exchanges, our students residing at Excelsior’s boarding facilities, and of offering professional development to Excelsior staff in the areas of science, technology engineering, arts and mathematics, and 21st Century learning.”
Larrakeyah Primary School and Excelsior International School are recognised as Cambridge schools, and they have incorporated the Cambridge curriculum and testing.

During August 2018, the Asian school was visited by 35 Larrakeyah Primary School students as part of the Year 6 International Study Tour.

“Students had been communicating regularly via Skype and email, and gaining a greater understanding of how their counterparts lived, and what they learnt at school,” said Mr Collister.

“Later this year our students will again visit Excelsior International School, but this time they will be more aware of who they will meet, and the background of their new friends in Johor Bahru.

“Our school community has fully embraced the sister school concept, and we encourage our students to think of themselves as global citizens.”

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