Labradors illustrate important life lessons


Cuddly canines Roxy and Quinton received a lot of affection from Karama School students during a recent visit.

The peaceful Labradors — therapy dogs from Good Dog Animal Assisted Intervention — were accompanied by Hannah, their handler.

The students learnt how Roxy and Quinton make good choices every day, and how they care for others and each other.

The school’s special education teacher, Judy Morgan, said teaching sessions were tailored to the age of the children.

“Our students were invited to consider the qualities of good dogs, such as friendliness, a sense of calm, and the attributes that could make them unsafe, such as big sharp teeth and claws,” she said.

“Hannah pointed out that Roxy and Quinton make good choices by not hurting people, and the children were asked how they could also make good choices.

“The students discussed the importance of positive relationships and strategies they could use to engage and learn as part of our Berry Street Education Model practice.

“The topics reflected the themes of the visit, Being a good member of the community, and making good choices.

“Roxy and Quinton were calm and loving towards the students, demonstrating a great way to regulate emotions and be calm.”

The visit highlighted the school’s four core values: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Relationships, which influence the interactions between students, and people in the school and wider community.

Therapy dog

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