Hands over hearts a hit with judges


Sarah Frankcombe has created an outstanding poster in the 2019 Say No To Bullying Poster Competition.

The Year 5 Larapinta Primary School student is one of 40 finalists in a national challenge that attracted nearly 4000 participants.

The event required an artistic interpretation of the theme Be Kind, Lend a Hand. Sarah’s entry shows a background of hearts dominated by two hands stretched out in friendship.

It is the first time the school has entered the interrelate contest , which aims to promote an awareness of bullying and help schools to recognise and address intimidatory conduct.

The school’s music teacher Belinda Young said students from Transition to Year 6 created more than 200 posters to be judged in the competition, and a rap version of the contest’s feature song  was produced.

“The lyrics  were used to help our students discuss what bullying is, and how they can be kind by lending a hand. They used these ideas to create posters for the competition,” she said.

“It was lovely, but not surprising, to see lots of the posters at Larapinta had a combination of the Australian and Aboriginal flags, showing how important the students feel it is to be kind to people from different cultures.

“When bullying prevention ideas are taught using songs, I think students remember them better. The students also created actions to sing with the song, helping to reinforce the messages.

“The song has strategies about what to do if you see a bully, and we’re working on recording our version so we can play it on the loudspeaker at the end of playtime, reminding students to be kind to each other.”

Sarah Frankcombe, who is the only Territory finalist, has been invited to an awards ceremony at Government House in Sydney on 21 June 2019.

The work of all the finalists is displayed at the poster gallery.

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