Graduation of the Maningrida five


Five Maningrida School students have completed the NTCET, marking a singular milestone in their lives and winning the acclaim of their teachers and the community.

Adriel Wilson Dashwood, Lucas Bonson, Cedric Ankin, Shenielle Gibson and Zana Ali, were feted at a special early December ceremony that included traditional songs and dances.

Teacher Sarah Nathan-Truesdale said graduates may have to overcome significant obstacles imposed by traditional responsibilities.

“Many students have multiple cultural obligations, such as ceremonies and funerals throughout the year,” she said.

“This greatly impacts on attendance and requires students to do multiple catch-up weekends with their teachers to satisfy the NTCET requirements.

“Teachers must have a great deal of intercultural understanding and respect for what is happening in the community on a daily basis, and through close communication with parents.

“We had 10 students in the Year 12 NTCET class; five were able to complete this year, and the remainder intend on continuing next year or moving into an apprenticeship.

“Graduation ceremonies bring a great sense of pride to the whole community, and to the students’ families.

“Each family chose a song and dance, or bunngal, appropriate to them. The song line usually comes from the students’ grandparents and they have to ask the caretaker (djungay) of that song line to perform it at the graduation. This takes a lot of time and consideration to get the right man and dancers for this special (event) entrance.

“A graduation inspires younger students to continue attending school as they believe this is a possible outcome for their future.”

Cedric Ankin and Shenielle Gibson are starting an apprenticeship with the Djelk Rangers. Adriell Dashwood will work with the West Arnhem Regional Council’s Youth, Sport and Recreation Team, and Lucas Bonson is working in construction. Zana Ali is employed as an assistant at Maningrida Preschool.

Graduation of the Maningrida five

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