Data officer serves schools


Elizabeth Rakkas became a corporate officer after working in a support capacity in special needs students’ classrooms.

Her commitment to these students, and those with Autism Spectrum Disorder — her most challenging and rewarding experience — came ahead of the move into the department.

Now a Program Support Team Leader operating under the aegis of Student Wellbeing and Inclusion — she is the manager of the Support Services Information Database.

"My work includes staff training, providing information on the delivery of services to schools, and student data interpretation to aid the deployment of resources and the formulation of policies and programs," she said.

"I’m now updating the business rules for the Support Services Information Database to guarantee procedural changes ensure consistent use, transparency and quality services to schools.

"I work with amazing people who have a passion for assisting children with additional needs. It’s gratifying to provide schools with the resources needed to assist our most vulnerable students."

Darwin-born Elizabeth enjoys volunteering, especially working in the background at the annual Greek Glenti, travel and gardening.

The mother of two children, and grandmother of one, believes there are ample opportunities for her generation to make a lasting impact on the world stage.

"Global warming is a real concern, and global communication would be a step to a unified approach to the problem," she said.

"We can be the generation to make a difference, and leave a better world for our children."

Data officer serves schools

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