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ShepTv has become a highly successful medium for advertising Shepherdson College’s activities to the local community.

The communication project, originally involving Year 8/9 students, began as a multimedia and literacy initiative in 2018.

Music teacher Josh Gorman said ShepTv is a way of demonstrating the “great things happening at the school through an accessible platform and language”.

“The project started with a single class, but it’s expanded to include all high school classes, with different groups contributing to aspects of the show according to their abilities and needs,” he said. “So, senior music students work on recording music for video clips, while large middle years’ classes develop and translate news items and interviews.

“ShepTv promotes bilingual literacy, motivating students to hone their Yolngu Matha and English language skills. For each segment of the show, students develop the content in one language and it translate into the other language to create subtitles.

“They recognise that quality translations mean effective communication, and are becoming increasingly confident in making the conversions.”

Mr Gorman said ShepTv is structured to accommodate students who may be absent because of cultural obligations.

“Students are able to contribute to an episode at any point and see the results of their work,” he said. “It ensures everyone who has participated, to whatever extent, has a sense of ownership and pride in the final product.

“Students can sit at home with only a smartphone and show their family the work they’re doing, and this creates a strong sense of purpose and connection between literacy development and meaningful work.

“The more episodes we make, the stronger becomes the students’ sense of purpose and understanding about the work we’re doing.”

A ShepTv feature can be viewed at VAMPtv’s Episode 115.


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