Angurugu Market Garden becomes a kitchen


Alyangula Area School 5/6 students recently attended the Angurugu Market Garden for a Kitchen Garden lesson as part of the Learning on Country program.

The community garden includes lemons, limes, oranges and bananas, yams, sweet potato, long beans, eggplant, four varieties of chilli, tomatoes, cucumber, butternut pumpkin and watermelon.

Kitchen Garden teacher Sam Cavill said: “Students discussed harvesting techniques, hygiene and food safety, and applied skills learnt in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program to safely peel, cut, slice, and prepare fresh ingredients for use in healthy meals.

“They were shown how to cook using customary Anindilyakwa ingredients, and used recipes and traditional cooking methods to create a small shared meal.

“The students saw a damper rolled out and cooked on a flat rock over coals, yams roasted at the margin of a fire, and the Polynesian method of cooking in soaked banana leaves.”

The students were supervised by members of the Angurugu market garden, Learning on Country coordinator Roger Fernandes, and physical education and Kitchen Garden teacher Sam Cavill.

Angurugu Market Garden becomes a kitchen

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