Andrew Lloyd works to provide education options


A former engineer and teacher at two country NSW schools is now the Transition Support Unit’s senior manager.

One-time Sydneysider Andrew Lloyd joined the department in 1999, and now supervises seven staff dedicated to helping Aboriginal students from remote schools make the transition to local or interstate boarding schools.

Now three-and-a-half years into his role, Andrew coordinates these transitions by developing relationships with boarding and local community schools, “and everyone in between”.

“The goal of the Transition Support Unit is to provide families with secondary boarding school options in line with the EducationNT strategy,” he said.

“I enjoy my job because it provides me with opportunities to work with boarding schools and remote school staff, and make change happen.

“I work with a great team, and I have absolute knowledge that we can help children towards a positive future.

“One of my personal and professional strengths is being able to connect with teenagers, knowing what they think and pushing them to new heights.

“But I’m also an innovative and strategic thinker, a proficient advocate for students and their families, a skilled coordinator of different professional learning groups, and an uncompromising believer in the potential for growth of school staff and students.”

He admits his career goals will always be to work in complex roles that challenge his perceptions of the world, and to help improve the education options for Aboriginal students in remote communities.

“In education, my passion is to ensure very remote Aboriginal kids have a future in two worlds, and I would always love to work with others to find and implement ways of doing this,” he said.

“But I also have a desire to return to a school environment in the future. I love teaching, and whatever I do must include teaching.

“I am happy doing what I’m doing, but I’d like the opportunity at some point to be a principal.

“I’d be happy to sit back on my rocking chair, if I get to 75, and say I’m glad I ended up being a teacher.”

Andrew has lived in Alice Springs for 18 of his 21 years in the Territory.

“It’s a warm welcoming place, with a great lifestyle and natural environment, and a wonderful artistic community,” he said.

Andrew is fond of long-distance walking, drawing, photography, and learning foreign languages.

Andrew Lloyd

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