Amelia is thoroughly enjoying her job


Forrest Parade School is Amelia Dlask’s first teaching appointment. The one-time New South Wales resident and Southern Cross University graduate is enjoying her second year at the specialist school in Palmerston.

The young teacher, who always believed her patience and compassion would be assets in special needs education, had long been contemplating a career in this sector.

“It attracted me because I like working in small groups, forming the close relationships that help me target the needs of individual students,” she said.

“The small class sizes allow me to spend more time with my Transition/Year 1 students, identifying their strengths and interests, and providing them with the support they need.

“Through the close relationships I have with my students I’m keenly aware of their growth and achievements.”

“Students in our setting have difficulty with social-emotional intelligence, and have more apparent sensory sensitivities than most neurotypical students,” she said.

“But helping students work through issues that upset them is highly rewarding.

“Students need to feel comfortable and safe in order to thrive and enjoy learning. I try to provide a calm and welcoming climate, and build an understanding of individuals in order to target their learning needs.

“Creating a peaceful classroom environment has helped me develop a rapport with my students, encouraging them to relax in class, enjoy learning without feeling too much pressure or anxiety, and be themselves.”

Amelia knows broadening her perspectives, and keeping an open mind, are vital to her professional development and the attainment of her career goals.

“My discussions with colleagues have led me to believe that everyone, no matter how much experience they have, is always learning something new,”she said.

“I would like to continue to work with children with special needs, and gain more understanding of different teaching strategies relating to diverse student needs.”

The laid-back Territory lifestyle is attractive to Amelia, but her practical philosophy is “it’s too hot to get worked up about things that won’t matter in the long run”.

Amelia enjoys visits to national parks and the social life in Darwin.

Amelia is thoroughly enjoying her job

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