A life-changing experience


In an expedition to two African nations, 19 Darwin High school students and two teachers are visiting Malawi and Zambia.

The 21 intrepid travellers, constituting the school’s World Challenge Team, are making a 30-day stopover to explore the neighbouring nations and contribute to a school construction project.

The team members journeyed to Fishermen’s Rest in Malawi to manufacture bricks that will be used to build schools.

Accompanying teacher Aaron Dalgleish said the visitors enjoyed football and reading to the children between brick building shifts.

“I had a look around the school today… over 100 students in each class, students sitting on concrete floors writing on old cardboard boxes,” he said. “It was a real eye opener.”

“When the library we are helping to build is finished it will take this school from one of the bottom five per cent of schools in the country, to one of the top five per cent of schools in the country.”

The challengers also spent time revegetating deforested hills before leaving for Zambia, and morning and evening wildlife safaris in South Luangwa National Park.

A life-changing experience

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