Warriors win silver for sustainability


Parap Primary School is the first Territory school to claim the Eco-Schools Australia Silver Award, a testament to its dedication to environmental education and the ethos of resource sustainability.

Teacher Chelsea Collins said the Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT project is an education and awards initiative “emphasising a litter free and sustainable community” highlighted at the school by the work of the school’s Eco-Warriors.

“The Eco-Warriors are passionate students from various year levels who meet once a week to tackle all sorts of environmental topics,” she said.

“They identify and research an issue —whether it be at a school or community level — consider ways they can make a positive change, and design a solution to which the entire school can commit.”

KABCNT chief executive officer Heimo Schober said: “Parap Primary School has been working towards the Silver Award since becoming the first Eco-School in the Territory in 2014.

“The Eco-Warriors have addressed matters ranging from litter control and waste management, to energy and water conservation, biodiversity and a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s promising to see so many students committed to a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable future, which benefits not just the school, but the entire community.”

Thirty-two Territory schools have joined the Eco-Schools scheme since its inauguration in 2014.

parap warriers

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