The tacked up box


To help Nakara Primary School students better understand the operation of computers, one has been dissected, and its components distributed on a wall.

The parts have been arranged to more easily explain what each of the parts do, what they look like and how they interact.

The display gives students an insight into the spatial arrangement of the constituents, and helps them understand in a step-by-step way how computers function.

The students have been asking questions like, “What does this do?”, “Why does it look like that?”, “What happens if I touch this?” and “Can it change colours?”.

The wall computer is part of the school’s ICT program, and particularly, an extracurricular construction activity of the Raspberry Pi Coding Club.

A future upgrade of the working computer may include the addition of speakers, a microphone, and perhaps environmental sensors to measure humidity and temperature.

computer art

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