Tennant Creek speaks


The views of the Tennant Creek community have been chronicled as sound recordings in two initiatives — 1000 Community Voices and 1000 Children’s Voices.

Alice Springs-based Early Childhood Integration Leader Mardi Haselton said: “During the Desert Harmony Festival the voices were captured at the Pikka Pikka-ka space for families and children.

“The recordings were made possible through a partnership between Remote Early Childhood and Integrated Services and local radio station 8CCC.

“We are providing an opportunity for all community members, including the children, to express themselves.

“Children dream of becomingfootball players and pilots, and comments such has ‘All I want is a water slide very high’, ‘All I need is barramundi in the dam’, and ‘Add more colour to the town’, have become the contents of storybooks to be distributed to service providers, the government, and community members linked to Tennant Creek families.

“This exciting initiative broadens our way of collecting information from, and relating it back to Tennant Creek residents. The vocalisations have been made into short vignettes to be broadcast by 8CCC to Tennant Creek and Alice Springs.”

Tennant Creek speaks

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