Student lobby advocates change


Student Voice Positive Choice, a student activist group dedicated to generating a culture of optimism in communities, convened this week for its inaugural summit.

The Palmerston City Schools coalition, launched earlier this year at Bakewell Primary School, was created to respond to issues such as bullying, other forms of anti-social behaviour, and isolation.

The 22-student alliance, embodying the core values of respect, compassion, courage and positivity, is ambitious to effect uplifting changes by promoting a sense of justice, and by endorsing the worth of each person.

Bakewell Primary School principal Paul Nyhuis said: “These student leaders are committed to empowering students to be the architects of social change.

“Student Voice Positive Choice is changing the negative narrative, and negative perceptions of our youth, and it’s creating a shift in our community to give young people a sense of connection and support.

“The vision is to take positive messages to all students in Palmerston City Schools, building momentum across Palmerston City, Darwin, the Northern Territory and beyond.”

Student voice

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