Strengthening students and communication in fight against bullying


Bradshaw Primary School has registered for Bullying. No Way!  the annual national day of action against intimidation and violence.

Schools are invited to register for the Friday 16 March event , assisting students to identify types of bullying, violence and harassment, and the strategies available to counter victimisation.

Principal of the Alice Springs school, Penny Weily said: “The school has a zero tolerance policy to bullying, and we focus strongly on ways of stopping bullying from occurring in the first place.

“The whole school will participate on the day, engaging in group events, and buddy activities in which more senior students role play to their junior buddies what bullying looks like, and how to deal with it.

“The emphasis is on building resilience, inner strength and self-esteem in students, empowering them to seek help from their buddies, staff and their parents, and teaching them to exercise anti-bullying strategies.

“Maintaining safe and happy environments, free from oppression, relies on open communication to help not only the bullied, but bullies too.”

Bradshaw Primary School

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