STEM demonstrated in exercise science tests


In a stopover designed to promote an understanding of the science and mathematical principles underpinning human movement, 22 Clyde Fenton School students visited Charles Darwin University’s Exercise and Sports Science unit, part of the School of Psychological and Clinical Sciences.

The Katherine-based Year 5/6 students were taught how sports science can improve the physical performance of elite athletes, those recovering from accident or injury, and everyday people wanting to be better practitioners of their favourite sport.

Principal Jeff Parker said: “The students tested themselves on some of the latest high tech equipment in the laboratory, including Batak Lite — a machine for improving reactions, hand-eye coordination and stamina — force platforms, rotation seat and wheel, agility run and vertical jump.

“Promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics to students, is far easier if they see the practical applications and outcomes of these disciplines.”

School Captain Eugene Bolt said: “I loved running through the light gates, testing my speed, agility and decision making. It was really interesting when we went back inside and saw all our data graphed and tabulated on the big screen.”

Dr Jim Lee, Exercise and Sports Science senior lecturer said: “It’s important for kids to see how integral maths and science is to everyday life, and see these subjects can be fascinating and have value in real life.”

Clyde Fenton School is partnering with the CDU unit to enhance STEM education and innovation at the school.

Clyde Fenton CDU sports units

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