STEM at Watiyawanu becomes an Illustration of Practice


A filmmaking team from the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority turned their camera onto Watiyawanu School to capture content for their online Illustrations of Practice, an exposition of the structure and ethos of schools, and their implementation of the Australian Curriculum.

In partnership with the CSIRO and the Tangentyere Council, the school is focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics education through its Indigenous Language and Culture program.

The four-day visit to the Mt Leibig school was an opportunity for ACARA to record grades 3 to 6 students demonstrating a cross-cultural appreciation of local ecology, particularly botany.

Principal Larry Kenny said the biliterate and bicultural students are encouraged to make comparisons between local Aboriginal knowledge of plants, and that derived by Western Science.

“Our study of botany this term has included the similarities and differences of these two world views in defining the characteristics and ecology of plants such as trees and grasses,” he said.

During the filming the students collected specimens from diverse environments, including sandhills, plains, hills and mountains.

Mr Kenny said: “ACARA’s online publication will be an Illustration of Practice to teachers wanting to run good STEM and ILC programs.”

STEM at Watiyawanu

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