Sisters extraordinaire


Three women from one family, one school and one community, have completed the same long-distance tertiary course, enriching the education outcomes of students from Woolianna School.

Sisters Sharon, Keisha and Nadine Daly, graduated with the Diploma in School Support from the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Education in June this year.

Preschool teacher Sharon, and assistant teachers Keisha and Nadine, were working at the near Daly River school, teaching students drawn largely from the Nauiyu Nambiyu community.

Teacher Alfina Tusa said the grandmothers, mothers and aunties of the Daly family, reinforce “the strong intergenerational tradition of valuing education” and endorse the school’s values of respect for learning and respect for others.

“The sisters began the diploma in 2015 as a way of collaborating more professionally with Woolianna School teachers, and to facilitate more effective learning,” she said.

“While fulfilling their cultural obligations and community roles, they worked long hours using the school’s computers to complete assignments, and travelled to the institute to work with their lecturers.

“These teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure every child in the school is nurtured, socially and academically, during the formative years of primary education.

“The students see their cultural heritage and values reflected by these strong Daly women role models. And the passion and dedication of the three sisters positively influences the future of each child.”

Sisters extraordinaire

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