Seven students join a stellar cast

Seven Clyde Fenton Primary school students and a teacher are now part of the cast of Top End Wedding — the comic story of Sydney lawyer Lauren and her fianc√© Ned, and their search for Lauren’s mother, who is somewhere in the Territory.

The new feature film, starring Miranda Tapsell (The Sapphires) includes scenes from Katherine Gorge, and the Year 6 extras learned about the artistry of movie making.

Teacher Angela Everett said: “It was a great learning experience for the children. They had to spend the entire day there for what will amount to about one-minute in the actual film.

“Our part in the movie took three hours to shoot, but the kids got a fabulous insight into the complexity and rigour of a movie set.”

The filming location, accessible by boat, was surrounded by sheer rock faces.

Film initiate Mahli Bowman-Brooks said: “Miranda Tapsell was really nice and friendly. She was a really down to earth, and happy to talk to us and take a photo.”

Coactor Marley Newman added: “It was a long day, but really interesting. I never knew making a movie was so complicated.”

Angela Everett, and each of the student extras, will be identified in the end of film credit crawl.

(Picture: Clyde Fenton students travelling by boat in Nitmiluk Gorge)



Last updated: 29 May 2018