PR1MEd to master maths


A teaching resource designed to help students better comprehend mathematical concepts is enhancing numeracy education at Nightcliff Primary School.

The improvements are driven by PR1ME Mathematics, a series of books pictorially representing Numbers and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis and Algebra, and applicable to six year levels.

The school’s PR1ME coordinator, Briseis More, said the school began trialling the strategy in 2015, beginning with the high-achieving members of the Enrichment Mathematics Program, before applying it widely, including the use of PR1ME K (International) in Transition classes this year.

“Teaching maths is made easier because the school is universally familiar with PR1ME, and concepts are broken down into more understandable chunks for teachers and students, and reconstructed from simple to complex forms,” she said.

“PR1ME teaches children how to approach each strand of mathematics in a step-by-step manner, using common language and methodology.”

Ms More said the strategy was adopted after consulting interstate schools that were “experiencing extensive improvements” in students’ mathematics results.

“We wanted to ‘change the bell curve’ on mathematics learning outcomes, and the application of PR1ME across six year levels exposes the students to topics above their level, and challenges them to excel at a higher level,” she said.

“An experienced PR1ME Mathematics consultant is flown up two to three times a year to deliver professional learning through demonstrations, and observations of teacher practice.”

PR1MEd to master maths

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