Millner celebrates Paul Kilpatrick’s accolade


Millner Primary School volunteer Paul Kilpatrick has been Highly Commended in the Chief Minister’s Volunteer of the Year awards.

The indefatigable pensioner, known at the school as Uncle or Grandfather, was feted in the division of the Northern Territory of the Year Awards in recognition of his general service to the school, including his coordination of the Breakfast Club.

The club, which ensures children get a nutritious breakfast — promoting physical wellbeing, greater concentration and improved learning outcomes — also provides a safe place for the students to meet each morning.

A daily volunteer over eight years, he is described by the school as an “extremely valuable member” of the school community, a “huge asset” and a positive mentor.

Mr Kilpatrick provides food to struggling families without judgement or question, and liaises with organisations such as Australian Red Cross and Food Bank Northern Territory to obtain supplies for the club.

Apart from his work as organiser of the Breakfast Club, he also helps at sports days, fundraisers, and as an ad hoc maintenance worker and bus driver.
Mr Kilpatrick said: “I am proud of taking on the coordination role in the Breakfast Club.

“The environment in the club is easy going. There is no pressure on the kids, they even just come in for a chat. The staff like to come in too, it is just a community space.

“I am always around for whatever the school needs. I was very humbled when I found out about the nomination, and I shed a tear when I received the award.”

Paul Kilpatrick with award

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