Larrakeyah scholar shines in Cambridge exam


The performance of Year 6 Larrakeyah Primary School students has been measured against an international benchmark, following their completion of the 2017 Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Exam in English.

Larrakeyah Primary School student Zhuang Zhuang Sun achieved the highest score in the exam.

The school qualified to undertake Cambridge examinations, which include science, ESL and mathematics, after becoming an accredited Cambridge International School in 2016 — the first Territory school to achieve this distinction.

Principal Fathma Mauger said: “Last year was the first time our students sat the Year 6 Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Exam in English and we are delighted by Zhuang Zhuang’s result.

“Students receive a statement of achievement after completing the exam, and parents receive detailed feedback on their child’s performance against an international benchmark.

“Our teachers enhance their teaching of the Australian Curriculum by selecting parts of the flexible Cambridge Curriculum, and choosing the resources that will highly motivate students. The school initially focussed on English, but now we are including ICT and science in Cambridge Primary.”

Larrakeyah Primary School is one of 10,000 Cambridge schools in more than 160 countries.

Zhuang Zhuang Sun

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