Katherine ‘politicians’ have their say


A recent visit to Clyde Fenton Primary School by members of the Parliamentary Education Services was characterised by pomp, protocol, and performances.

The visit followed a tour of Parliament House by the Katherine students; part of a Darwin excursion to investigate democracy and the operation of the Australian voting system.

Teacher Lyndel Rawlings said: “The education officers who came to the school helped the students perform the roles of our members of parliament, and the children explored parliamentary processes, law making, and debated issues as they are debated in the chamber.

“The students were particularly impressed by the presence of the parliamentary Mace, indicative of the authority of the House of Representatives and the Speaker.”

Students Kadyn Houldsworth and Simeon Rosas enjoyed the symbolism in the event, and assuming the roles of legislators.

Kadyn said: “We were lucky to have the Mace in our classroom.” Simeon added: ““It was fun because we got to role play and learn at the same time.”

Katherine Politicians

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