In the footsteps of The Bard of Avon


Darwin High School drama teacher Mark Bunnett is one of two Territory teachers to be awarded a Bell Regional Shakespeare Mentorship in 2018.

The Sydney-based annual program is accessible to teachers from regional, rural and remote schools throughout Australia, but only 30 applicants are chosen each year.

The March mentorships include four days of professional learning, comprising specialist training in practical and innovative teaching strategies, the design of Shakespearean lesson plans, and collaboration with regional teachers from across the nation.

Mr Bunnett said: “I love the beauty of Shakespeare’s writing, the stories and the flexibility of the plays. There is so much history that comes from the language, and so much to learn as an actor.

“I want my students to enjoy Shakespeare, to understand that he wrote plays for the common person, and they can be fun! The mentorship will allow me to apply the teaching methods I learn to my drama program, and continue to raise the profile of Shakespeare at Darwin High School.

“I’m planning to put on a Shakespeare play with my Year 11 class, and I hope to learn ways to enthuse the class and make Shakespeare accessible to this age group.”

Mr Bunnett has 37 years’ experience as a stage actor, and has appeared in The Merchant of Venice, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, The Tempest, Hamlet and Twelfth Night. He began teaching in the Territory in 1987 and became the drama teacher at Darwin High School in 2017.

Mark Bunnett

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